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Thursday, July 31, 2003

pet peeve

Oh so very tired today. I haven't been sleeping well since getting back from vacation and it's really starting to take a toll.

I have these little pet peeves that I know I should just let go, and I've tried, but when they occur, I just get oh so very annoyed. Such as this morning, when I'm riding the metro and this girl sitting next to me spent her whole ride in putting on make up. That just grosses me out. Wait until you get to work or better yet GET UP 10 MINUTES EARLIER AND PUT IT ON AT HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know why it irritates me, but it just does. My other big pet peeve which is more legit is people clipping their nails on the bus or on the metro, it literally makes me gag. I don't know how many times I've almost barfed from hearing it.

Sunday, July 27, 2003


Almost fell asleep at the pool this afternoon. I brought the newspaper with me, but was too drowsy to read. It's been a wonderfully lazy day. I'm not looking forward to going back to work. A plus is that I have a mini break next weekend when I go to Buffalo for my cousin's wedding. I'm looking forward to going up, I haven't been up since my Gram's funeral in March. So it's a fun visit this time.

I'm bummed I missed SSX this year, but there was no way I could have gone. I'm sure lots and lots of debauchery and fun was had over the weekend. I can't wait to hear all about it when dan & Stacy get back.

When we were in Jamestown last week, Chris Heather & I were with the kids wandering around the grounds and came upon the resident hens and rooster, and we stood around talking and watching them hanging out. All of the sudden the rooster starts humping one of the hens. Chris & I nearly fell over laughing, and I think it was Adrianna who asked "What are they doing??" Chris respsonded by saying that it's something "Mommy & Daddy should explain to you". I had to walk a few steps behinds as not to bust a gut laughing in front of the kids. Ah the joys of nature....
Lazy Day

Slept in until noon today and it was devine. I was up early during vacation and sleeping in today was oh so very nice. Planning on spending the day by the pool and catching up on current events.

Don't forget your sunscreen today....

Saturday, July 26, 2003

I am a dork

I had a dream about Mike Mills last night (the bassist for REM for all you nonfans). It was pretty much on how I was obsessed with him and was really upset when I found out he got married. And he was in town so I started following him around. I heard that he was going to be a record store with the rest of the band cashing out customers (I know it's weird) so I went to this store & I thought Mike was going to cash me out, but it was just a girl that looked like him. I have the wackiest dreams.

Because of this dream, I've just spent the past two hours on the net looking for good pictures of him. I'm such a dork. Dork. Dork. Dork. LOL And I have to wait to October 8th to see him in real life!! LOL
I'm backkkkkk

Returned from Williamsburg around noon today. I had such a great time but it's good to be home. As expected the week went really really fast.

On sunday I went to the Williamsburg Winery with Jim & Fran and Chris & Heather. While learning the difference between how white wine is made compared to red wine is VERY interesting, I was all about the actual DRINKING, uhh I mean, tasting of the wine. We tried seven different wines and I only liked two of them, a Chardonay and a Cabernet Sav. Needless to say, I didn't leave empty handed.

During the week we all ventured to Jamestown, Yorktown and Colonial Williamsburg. Of the three I liked Colonial Williamburg the least, I think the fact that you had to pay $50 if you wanted to venture into any of the buildings was a huge turn off for me. But, the campus of William & Mary is right there, so I spent some time touring the campus. It is one of the most beautiful campuses I've ever seen, and I didn't know this until recently, but it's the oldest college in the

My brain is fried, I will write more tomorrow...

Friday, July 18, 2003

is away right now... please leave a message...

Off to Colonial Williamsburg tomorrow afternoon with the family. I'm looking forward to the time away. We're not going to be spending every waking minute together, thank god, so I'll get some time to myself and be able to spend quality time with the neice and nephews. I'm not looking forward to not having access to my email or ALL of my CDs, but I bought a good book (Orlando by Virginia Woolf), the new MOJO with REM on the cover (*drool drool* Mike Mills) and have some CDs & my Walkman. This is the first vacation I'm taking since moving down here that doesn't involve going to Buffalo. Yes, it's spending time with my family, but I'm away, and I'm lucky that I can go on family vacations.

Hope you all have a safe and blessed week.

Thursday, July 17, 2003


Am in this really weird funk. I'm pretty sure it's all related to having my period and it being the first time getting it after going off the pill. All this week I've been reminded why I went on it in the first place (no cramps, not emotional banchee, no crankiness, and no eatting everything in sight) but since I'm not having sex (a year and a half and counting) and don't see prospects for it in the near future, I thought my body should be given a break since I've been on it for almost 5 years.

I kind of feel stoned without having had the pleasure of smoking a big fatty.

People's energy is really affecting me today. A coworker with whom I bowl has been in a bad mood for the past month or so. Well at bowling she was in a really really fowl mood which then in turn affected my mood and fucked up both my games. argh.

I think a nap would do me good. Too bad I'm at work.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

I am obsessed

I have become completely obsessed with Bruce Cockburn's newest album. I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that he's in town today & I can't go see him. Or if it's because it's a fucking amazing album. Most likely it's a combination of the two. I must have listened to it over 50 times since buying it a couple weeks ago.

Drinks with Paul went really well. I had such a great time. I wish he wasn't leaving. The timing is just wrong. I seem to have a knack for meeting great guys and for whatever reason the gods are against us. *sigh* It sucked saying "I'll see you next year." Afterwards I went home and whined to Stacy & Soraia and moped for the rest of the evening.

I'm better today, sortof.

Monday, July 14, 2003

Drinks With Paul

Having drinks with Paul this evening. Totally looking forward to it, but I'm not looking forward to him leaving. I will be a bit sad. He's such a great guy, I wish him nothing but good things on his travels back in England and in China.

Weekend was sooooooooo nice. Mike, Creig & I went to Baltimore for a St. Bonaventure alumni event frieday evening. We were the youngest people there, it was quite funny. We were given a tour of the book vault at the Walter's Museam. It's an English Major's wet dream. We saw Shakespeare's first folio, a prayer book believed to be used by St Francis of Assisi and this BEAUTIFUL Koran dating back to the 1340s. During the tour/talk I stood by some first editions of Chaucer's works. It took my all not to grab one from the shelf & flip through the pages.

Saturday was very relaxing. Did some laundry and vaccuumed. Soraia came over & we hung out by the pool for a couple hours. Had some dinner her mom made for us, a very yummy eggplant dish that I'm sure was NOT low calorie at all. Later in the evening we walked down to Ireland's Four Provences and had a couple drinks at the bar, was fun to people watch & see how the bartenders interacted with the customers. Sunday we walked down to Panera for some bagel, sat outside read the Financial Times & smoked way too many cigs. So wonderful & relaxing. Afterwards we ventured to this great used bookstore near my place called Hole in the Wall Books.

Very relaxing, made it difficult coming back to work.

Thursday, July 10, 2003


British Paul just called, *sigh*, he's so cute. He wanted to be sure to see me before he leaves, so we're meeting up for drinks on Monday after work. He's so damn cute & sweet (with an evilside) & funny & smart. Why does he have to live on the other side of the world??

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Sunny Buffalo

Go ahead and laugh, but I'm very excited about this article from the Washington Post on how Buffalo REALLY is a fun city to visit. I could have told you that! But since I'm not a travel writer, my opinion means shit. And don't be fooled, people from Buffalo are fiercely loyal to the city, we make fun of it, sure, but we will defend it when people pick on it, even though the article says differently. Road trip anyone?? We can crash at my parents. I'm sure they won't mind. LOL

Tuesday, July 08, 2003


I'm annoyed. Very annoyed. My most favoritist musician in the whole wide world is coming to town next week and I can't go. ggrrrrr... I couldn't find anyone to go with me, so I didn't get tickets when they first went on sale. After talking with my sister over the weekend, she convinced me that I should just go alone. Well, I checked the Metro website to see how close the venue is to the nearest Metro stop and it's not too far, I'd would have to take a cab from Pentagon City to the Birchmere. So I was all excited, thinking that after five years I was going to go see Bruce, well, when I went to the Ticketmaster website to get a ticket, I found out it was sold out. I'm so bummed, I could kick myself. I should have just gotten a ticket way back when.... *sigh*

Wednesday, July 02, 2003


Very interesting article from Time magizine about Christains going into predominantly Muslim countries and trying to convert them. (Thanks to Martha for the head's up.) In my opinion that's the stupidest thing ever. It's not our right to tell someone that their faith is wrong, morons. God is God is God, there's just a billion ways of viewing Him/Her. ack

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Lunch with Paul

Paul and I met up for lunch. After he called to finalize plans, I walked to Karen's office and jumped up and down and I must have told her the story of how he & I know eachother in my super fast chipmuncks voice. I can't believe how excited I was to know that I was going to see him in an hour. I haven't been this excited about a boy in a very very long time considering that there's no possible way that anything can come from it. Giddy, I was giddy.

We met up at the Foggy Bottom metro (I forgot how damn cute he is) and since none of the lunch options near campus seemed appealing we walked over to Thai Kingdom which is right by my office. Lunch itself was a bit ackward, just because we hadn't seen each other in such a long time and the fact that it was the first and only time we met. It was also pretty loud so it was hard to hear each other. There were points where I didn't think he was listening, but it turned out that he couldn't hear me. He pretty much carried conversation which I feel bad about but he's such a better story teller than I am and I was pretty nervous and I also wanted to hear about all the stuff he left out in his emails from his year in China. I thought he was moving back to England but it just turns out that he's on a break and going back to Bejing in August.

After lunch when it came time for goodbyes I mentioned that if he eanted to meet up after coming back from his weekend trip to Nashville to give me a call, but honestly I didn't think he would want to. I thought I was pretty boring company. We hugged and kissed on the cheek.

A couple hours later I got an email from him saying that he had a really good time and really wants to meet up next week. So perhaps I wasn't as boring as I thought I was. *sigh* I know I'm hard on myself, I had no expectations going into lunch... I don't know.

Ok maybe not completely, but for all intensive purposes I am. My papers are done and handed in, I presented one of my papers and now all I have to do is show up & listen attentively to my fellow classmates who are presenting today. Tomorrow all we have to do are class evaluations, and that's it! No more school for 2 months!!! I'm so excited I could wet myself.

I'm tentitively having lunch with my friend Paul today. We haven't seen each other since we met over 3 1/2 years ago. We met at a party that crazy exroomate Becky invited me to. We've since established a friendly relationship over email, since he lived in England and spent the last year in China teaching english. So, I hope it comes to fruition, just cuz it'd be cool to see him after all this time.

Since I spent the yesterday writing a paper I must go do work.....