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Friday, January 30, 2004

Work Haiku

Today is quiet
She didn't come in today.
Glad she is not here.

Why am I suprised
I don't have heat at my desk
My fingers are numb

Lunch with Paul today
We ate lots of good Thai food
I am now sleepy

Random Thoughts

Ani DiFranco is a goddess. I'd love to have her babies, but since we're both girls that's hightly unlikely.

Scooping cat litter's like mining for gold but not as much fun.

My office is really cold. My fingers are numb.

I need to pee because I'm so cold.

I'm glad it's friday.

I'm having lunch with British Paul today. (YAY!)

Niels is getting his hair cut today, wish him luck, he's a bit nervous.

Is it time to go home yet? I know it's five o'clock somewhere.

Friday Five

You have just won one million dollars:

1. Who do you call first?
My parents

2. What is the first thing you buy for yourself?
A car - either a Volvo Cross Country or a VW Beatle
A digital camera.... digital camera ..... *eyes glaze over* *drool drool*

3. What is the first thing you buy for someone else?
I don't have the slightest idea.

4. Do you give any away? If yes, to whom?
Some to non-profits (Planned Parenthood, UNFPA)

5. Do you invest any? If so, how?
You betcha. Add it to the mutual funds I have.

Thursday, January 29, 2004


Oranges are by far my favorite fruit. Love oranges. Love the smell, the texture, the juicy explosion when you bite into it... love oranges.

Except for today.

I bought oranges last week. The orange I'm eating as I write this has been sitting on my desk for over a week. After so much time one would think it would have ripened. Sadly no. It looks good. It's juicy. But alas, it has no smell and no flavor.

I'm very sad with my orange experience.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

New York City

It's offical, I'm going to NYC. I knew I was going for sure last week when I made my reservations on Greyhound, but it feels official now that my tickets have arrived.

I'm SO excited to be going, I've never been to NYC before. I know, I know, how could I have grown up in Buffalo and never been to NYC. Easy, it's a ten hour drive, that's how. I've been to Long Island (granted I was six at the time) but never the city.

A weekend in New York with the Marthas! What more could a girl ask for.

From an email I got today from

Dear MoveOn member,
Over the last four days, something incredible has happened. CBS has received over 340,000 emails and phone calls asking it to stop its censorship. Clearly a huge number of us believe that CBS's refusal to run our Voter Fund ad, while allowing the Bush White House to run an advocacy ad of its own, is just plain wrong.

Columnists and editorial pages are writing about it. And on Monday, FCC commissioner Michael Copps issued a statement on it. These folks understand that this issue isn't just about our Voter Fund's ad -- an ad by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals was censored as well. At heart, it's about free speech. Huge companies like CBS that control access to the publicly owned airwaves have to air opposing points of view.

CBS still refuses to run "Child's Pay." But together, we can increase the pressure on CBS. And through the power of the Internet, we can make sure that millions of people see the ad and learn about the controversy. As a first step, forward this email or the original message attached below to your friends. Ask them to check out the ad at:

(You can also point them directly to the CBS petition. They can also send an email to CBS and join the campaign at that address. If you haven't joined the campaign yet, you can sign the petition there as well.

Next, consider taking a moment to call CBS and let them know why you believe their refusal to run ads like this one is wrong. If you call, please be calm and polite -- it's not the folks who answer the phones' fault that CBS made this decision. You can reach them at:

CBS Comment Line
(212) 975-4321

Small gifts

Went to the grocery store yesterday for a big shopping adventure (I haven't done "real" shopping since November). I was expecting it to be swamped with people since it was a snow day for most people in my neighborhood, but thank goodness, it wasn't. It was was one of the first shopping trips in a long time where I didn't get grumpy which was nice. So I took my time wandering the asles and getting a few things I normally wouldn't buy, but like nonetheless.

After I paid gobs of money for my purchases (cat litter is EXPENSIVE!!!! and even though Lean Cusines are on sale they still are pricey) I tried calling a cab. After about 10 minutes, ok, maybe it was 5 minutes, I got through only to be put on hold. So I'm standing there waiting....and waiting.... for a customer service person.... and waiting.... "your call is important to us, please continue to hold..." GAH!!! Who knows when I'm going to get home, I was starting to get grumpy.

All of the sudden I hear "How far do you have to go?" PRAISE BE CREATION!!! A nice older woman was offering me a ride home!! "Um, literally a 1/2 mile up the street." Turns out this nice woman, Sarah with an "h", lives right around the corner from the grocery store & said she'd give me a ride home!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! She said that she noticed that I was having problems getting a cab, and godknows when I'd actually get one, so she said she could give me a lift. We had this nice chat on the way to my place, a very nice lady indeed. Many many thanks to Sarah for the ride home. It's nice to know that are still "good neighbors" out there!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Unconscious Mutterings Week 51

I say ... and you think ... ?

Political:: Corruption
Concentration:: Camp
Fish:: Blood
Lunacy:: Government
Red:: Shoes
Imply:: Say
Recognize:: See
Sexist:: Pig
Commercial:: Ads
Stricken:: Down

Friday, January 23, 2004

Blatent Censorship??

I don't know if you've heard, but CBS is refusing to play's commercial criticizing the current administration (yet they will be playing an advertizement sponsored by the Bush Administration) during the Super Bowl. So being the person I am, I called CBS programming to let them know I'm boycotting all of their programming as a response to their blatent censorship.

Well, when I called, and the woman answered the phone, she was all sweet & nice until I calmly and politely told her why I was calling. Oooo nelly! Then her voice changed. I asked if she needed me to spell my name for her, and receieved a curt "No that won't be necessary." before being hung up on.

Ahhh yessss.... I think the CBS Programming Department staffers are going to be HATING their day at the office today.

Unconscious Mutterings

I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Berry:: Blue
2. Fiendish:: George Bush
3. Bar:: Ancor
4. Frank:: NFurter
5. Bend:: Like Beckham
6. Fanatic:: Crazed
7. Belch:: Gross
8. Flagrant:: Gay
9. Burden:: Heavy
10.Flimsy:: Paper
Friday Five

At this moment, what is your favorite...

Bad Day by REM.... it's such a great song.

salt bagels with lite lox spread...mmm mmm good.

3. show?
Everwood. It's totally cheesy but it sucks you in & it's really really addictive.

4. ...scent?
Niels. He just smells really really good.

5. ...quote?
It's not really a quote but more of a saying: "fuck off"

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Roe v Wade

Today's the 31st Anniversary of Roe v Wade which legalized abortion. YAY!! Roe v. Wade!!! Unfortunately our current administration is doing everything in its power to whittle away every single aspect of control a woman has over her reproductive health. Pray to what ever god you believe that Sandra Day O'Connor does not retire (nor harm come to her) during the current fascist, I mean Bush Administration, as she is the swing vote on this issue. Otherwise all aspects of reproductive health (from balanced sex education to access to contraception to abortion) will be lost.

Let me step off the soap box now.

Busy Busy Busy

Things have been quite busy this week. Dan & Stacy had a most wonderful excellent fabulous smashing party over the weekend. It was nice to see the Marthas after such a long time, to finally meet Tony and see Patrick & Bernice after many months. Much fun was had by all. Niels really enjoyed meeting everyone and commented that it was nice to finally meet people with whom he could relate.

As Tony pointed out in his blog, that the festivities were mixed with sadness as Bernice lost her sister in a tragic accident on saturday. Much love & thoughts sent her & Patrick's way.

School is already kicking my butt, but I love every moment of it. For as much as the personnel issues at work drive me nuts and that I find my job not intellectually stimulating in one bit, I am so grateful to have the job I do. I have a great boss, I have some amazing friends and I am paying peanuts for my college education. There is no possible way I could ever have finished my degree if I was not here. I am so very blessed.

What are you thankful for??

Friday, January 16, 2004

The Friday Five

1. What does it say in the signature line of your emails?
I'll trip, fall, pick myself up and
walk unafraid
I'll be clumsy instead
hold my love me or leave me
- R.E.M.

2. Did you have a senior quote in your high school yearbook? What was it? If you haven't graduated yet, what would you like your quote to be?
There's more than one answer to these questions pointing me in a crooked line. - Indigo Girls

3. If you had vanity plates on your car, what would they read? If you already have them, what do they say?

4. Have you received any gifts with messages engraved upon them? What did the inscription say?
My crazy Aunt Marie got me a calculator keychain with a little brass plate on it that had my name engraved on it as a high school graduation present.

5. What would you like your epitaph to be?
hmmm I don't know. I'll have to think about it & come back & change my answer.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Scary Caterpillars

When one's significant other starts of a sentence with, "I didn't pick this out for you, but my Mom thought you might like it." one is never sure what to expect. I could tell from the package that it was big & slighlty heavy & wood.

So I open the gift...

I must have looked scared because Niels said, "I didn't pick it out."

"Niels, it's a big scary wooden caterpillar."

"Yeah, it's from some children's book, my Mom thought you'd like it, so she got it for you. I don't know what she was thinking."

"It scares me. But it was very nice that she got me something."

"What are you going to do with it?"

"I have no fucking idea."

What does one do with a big wooden scary caterpillar with demonlike face??

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Bush in 30 Seconds

You've got to check this out!

Bush in 30 Seconds, an online contest for 30-second ads that tell the truth about George Bush's policies, is asking folks to vote for the best ad in three categories. You can go to the site right now and choose the funniest ad, best animated ad, and best youth market ad. I just finished voting, and it was a blast, they're all so good it was hard for me to decide which was the best.

You can view the ads (you will need Quick Time) and vote at:

Bush in 30 seconds

The contest is sponsored by Voter Fund, an online grassroots organization that is running ads to expose the gap between what President Bush says and what he does. The winners will be announced at an awards show with Michael Moore, Margaret Cho, Moby, Rufus Wainwright, Janeane Garofalo, and other celebrities in New York next Monday, so please check out the site soon - we only have this weekend to vote. (Text provided by

Wednesday, January 07, 2004


With help from Stacy, Will & Tony, I can now post pictures on my blog. Since I don't have a digital camera, it's something that won't be done on a regular basis, but I like having the option.

My friend Paul (he currently lives in Bejing) sent the following picture.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Many Thanks

Must give thanks to Martha L for showing me how to add links on my page! WOOHOO! Martha L, you rock the casbaugh!!

Now I have to figure out how to post pictures.......

I used to have HTML for Dummies, I wonder where I put it....

Quiet Mode

Have been in a quiet mood since the new year began. I'm not in a funk, I just don't feel like being very social right now. I'm enjoying hanging out by myself and just relaxing. The holidays were very hectic and I think I'm still recovering from 11 days of nonstop socializing. I have a feeling that part of it is that I'm subconsciously trying to mentally prep for the upcoming semester, and some how store all of the relaxing I've done, to pull out when I'm stressed. Like fuel cells, but relaxation cells.

Monday, January 05, 2004


I need a massage. Bad. My back is one big ball of knot. And I can only rub my back in so many places. Any one know of a good massage therapist? I'm still sad my massage therapist retired. :(

Today was the first day back at the office since the middle of December. It was hard to get back into a groove. I wasn't the only one who had trouble focusing, everyone seemed to be struggling to get work done.

School starts a week from today. I must enjoy this last schoowork free week, because in about a month's time I'm going to long for the evenings where I do absolutely nothing. But, it is my last three classes semseter; after this I'll only have two classes to take before I graduate! WOOHOOO!! Then I'm going to take a year off and relax before grad school. But grad school's a topic for another day.

I'm off to play my favorite mindnumbing game... Gem Drop....

Have a wonderful evening. Love to you all.