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Monday, March 29, 2004

What a Weekend!

The weekend was a bit zany, but overall very good.

Friday night I stayed in. I did some laundry and spent most of the evening in front of the TV knitting & relaxing. Because I decided to workout first thing Saturday morning it wasn’t a late night. I was in happy dreamland by 10:30pm.

Saturday morning I went to Curves (my new workout place) and did the ½ hour circuit. Came home and got ready for yet another trip to the vet with Winnie. This time is was to get her stitches removed. My friend Aaron, bless his heart, took me. I expected the visit to be 10 minutes, max. Wow was I wrong. An hour and a half later we left. Poor Aaron, I don’t think he expected such a long visit when he agreed to take me.

The vet was BUSY!!! Dr Kelly & I had a chat about Winnie & how she was or wasn’t doing. Poor Winnie had lost over a pound since the week before, so Dr. Kelly pumped her full of fluids. And she wasn’t eating. And she was constipated. My poor kitty cat.

To stave off dehydration, one of the vet techs taught me how to give Winnie fluids subcutaneously with the hope that she’d poop and feel better.

Well yesterday Winnie still wasn’t eating or drinking & by this point hadn’t pooped in 3 days so Niels helped me hold her down so I could pump her full of fluids. Well, it did the trick because she was so scared by it all that she finally pooped. I literally scared the crap out of my cat.

And since then she’s been eating drinking and back to her normal insane self.


Last night I had to call the fire department. Some asshole on my floor burnt whatever it was they were cooking. And instead of opening the windows and turning on the ceiling fan to get the air to dissipate they opened their apartment door and let all the smoke flow into the hallway. The smoke was so bad that the smoke detectors were going off & I couldn’t see down the end of the hallway.

So when I called 911 the dispatcher asked how many floors my building was (there’s 5) so the fire department sent 5 trucks out.

I was so annoyed when I found out that it wasn’t a fire. I mean I'm glad it wasn't a fire, but I'm pissed at the lack of regard my neighbors had for anyone else. It was a waste of time for all of those firemen (they were all men) and god forbid there was an emergency someplace else where they were really needed.

I hope the firemen read those people the riot act.


Sunday, March 28, 2004

Sunday Morning

Can't write much, I have to write a huge chunck of a paper, due tomorrow, before 11am.

With that said, here are this week's Unconsious Mutterings:

I say ... and you think ... ?

Pitbull: Scary
Carter: Jimmy
Japan: Islands
50: Golden
Streak: Of Color
Rifle: Gun
Trap: Animal
Easter: Candy
Mitt: Baseball
Don't feel like: Doin' my paper

More later. Promise!!

Sunday, March 21, 2004


Winnie's home. I picked her up late yesterday morning from the vet. She's doing a ton ton better and is almost back to being her normal insane self.

She's looks a wreck 'though. She looks like she had a fight with some clippers. Three of her legs are shaved from her various IVs and her belly's all shaved from surgery. Remember the icky dog from "One Crazy Summer"? She looks like that, but without the satelite dish around her neck.

All in all I've spent $2098.26 on her in the past week (this includes the $457.36 I paid them for her overnight stay last weekend). Can you say "Caren's poor"? I gave a down payment of $500.00 when I picked her up. Thank goodness they're letting me pay off in incriments because otherwise I'd have to sell my eggs to pay the vet bill. If I pinch pennies, it'll take me about a year to pay it all off.

I really lucked out having such a great vet facility so close to my apartment, the vets (Drs Rogers & Kelly) the vet techs and the front desk staff are absolutely awesome. I've to write them a nice thank you letter after Winnie gets out her stitches.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

The Saga Continues

“Caren, the surgery went very well, although what we found was not what I expected. Remember in the old days when people used to make houses out of bricks of dung and hair? Well, that’s what we found; a big brick of dung and hair.”

I tried my best not to laugh at Dr. Rogers, but what he was saying was quite funny.

Winnie’s doing very well, I went to visit her around lunchtime, and she was very glad to see me, although she was not very happy with the vet techs. Winnie’s IV is in her hind leg and because she was keeping it bent the IV fluid wasn’t going in (they’re not giving her food until tomorrow so it’s important she stay hydrated). They made a splint to keep her leg straight and she’s none too happy about the loss of movement.

She looked better than I expected her to, she was really alert and purring up a storm once I started petting her.

I didn’t stay too long maybe 10 or 15 minutes. The techs answered some of the questions I had about bowel function (since they can’t tell if a cat’s passed gas they check using a stethoscope, in case you’re wondering) her stitches (they’re bright PINK!), mood and attitude.

Dr. Kelly’s off today, so I'll talk with her tomorrow to get an update. When we talked yesterday afternoon we briefly discussed potential dietary changes to hopefully prevent this from happening again. Winnie’s not a fan of butter or olive oil or that hairball/laxative stuff, so we’ll discuss options further the next time we talk.

Thank you all for your well wishes! We really really appreciate it.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Kitty Surgery

As I write this Winnie's either in recovery or still being operated on.

I stopped by the vet on my way home last night to meet with Dr. Kelly about Winnie. I was also able to spend quality time with Winnie.

It turns out that Winnie has a "foreign object" in her intestines that is just not coming out. Dr. Kelly showed me the xrays they did with the barium and the barium went RIGHT AROUND the blockage. They've done everything they can and the damn thing's not moving. So, Dr. Rogers (he's the head honcho vet dude) said that he'd do the surgery first thing today (around 9:30).

Keep your fingers crossed that everything went ok & she's in recovery. I have to call around noon to see what's up. So I will post an update later.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Cat Update

I spoke the Dr. Kelly a little while ago about Winnie and they have more info than yesterday.

She gave Winnie an ultrasound of her abdomen and they found a big blockage right where her small intestine meets her large intestine (Dr. Kelly used the "proper" medical terms, but I was like: Can you say that in english please?) and they were able to get her to pass most of it.

There is a fair amount left, so they're giving her fluids that have a drug in it (she told me the name but I forgot) to relax her, therefore her intestines, hoping that it'll all pass.

They're going to take another ultrasound tomorrow morning to see how things look. I'm hoping Winnie will poop the rest of it out tonight.

So, for another night Maya will be an only kitty.

Thanks to you all for your well wishes.

Monday, March 15, 2004

Mine's not so impressive either, although I've visited 52% of the states. Can you say East Coast gal??

Winnie's pretty sick, so if you could say some kitty prayers for her it'd be much appreciated. If the barium doesn't work, she might need surgery (she has a pretty bad blockage of some sort in her intestines). So, I will be staying in the area for all of break, no Buffalo trip for me.

Needless to say, her condition, the mounting cost & not being able to go home & spend quality time with the family has made me a mess.

I think I need to go workout & get rid of some of the stress.

Sunday, March 14, 2004


The past couple weeks have been hectic at school and I’ve had a prolonged PMS so I didn't feel too much like updating or being very social.

Sometimes things are not always as you think them to be and when you find out the reality of it all you’re thrown into a flabbergasted state. A couple Fridays ago I sent out an email to almost everyone in my Yahoo address book. In the email I commented that gay marriage had been getting a lot of press but that most of the reasons why the gay community wants to be able to marry has been overlooked by the media so I asked them to watch the video at the link I gave. I stated that not everyone was going to agree with my stance on the issue, but that the video would give some insight.

Well, the next day I got an email from a favorite uncle of mine, stating that he’s against gay rights, but they shouldn’t be discriminated against, marriage is between a man & a woman and that it sickens him when people flaunt their sexuality.

This whipped me into a frenzy because it made me realize how conservative he is. I knew that his political views were definitely right of center, but up until this point I didn’t understand how conservative he is, since we’ve never really talked politics.

I wrote back thanking him for letting me know his stance on this issue and left it at that. I know I could have said something more but I didn’t for various reasons. He’s not going to chance his mind and there was nothing I could do or say that would make him see differently, and his wife was my favorite aunt who died this past November. I didn’t want to cause some sort of family argument over this. It was one of those cases where I had to realize that this is a battle where I had no chance of winning.

Then a few hours later I received an email from another uncle, my Mom’s oldest brother. After getting the email from my first uncle a few hours earlier I was a bit nervous about reading the newest email.

So I read it, what he said was very simple:
I just wanted to let you know I signed the petition.

I nearly fell off my chair.

(I don’t know if you know but at the end of the video there’s the opportunity to sign a petition stating that you think gays should be allowed to marry.)

I think I have to give a bit of background on this uncle. He’s my Mom’s oldest brother and I’ve never really been a fan of his, for various reasons, he’s not a bad man, we just have very different personalities and see things differently. And he’s as vocal about his view on the world as I am about mine, and very often these views are at odds. And there have been a couple situations where I’ve been present and he’s said thing that were so off color that I had to walk away.

So when I got this email I was completely floored and saw my uncle in a new light.

This past friday a bunch of us went out to happy hour and oh did I get smashed. But, I was home & in bed by 10:30pm, and was up, hangover free, and 6:30 like I needed to be.

Had to take Winnie (my black cate) to the vet on friday. She stopped eatting on tuesday and was drinking lots and lots of water. It's a good thing I took her when I did, because she was *this close* to going into renal failure. I'm glad she's back home and better but man did it cost me about 1/2 of my paycheck.

When I told my Mom how much Winnie's vet bill cost me, she was asked if I would ever get rid of the cats. This question always perplexes me, because she and my Dad know how much I love my cats (even if they drive me nuts). I reminded her that the last time I had a vet bill this large was 5 years ago when Maya kept getting UTIs. And that if they only get sick about every 5 years then in the grand scheme of things they don't cost me that much.

Am on spring break, but it's not much of a break. I've 4 books to read, a paper to write, one to rewrite and a midterm to study for. With that said, I'm off to go read Ceremony by Leslie Marom Silko.

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

Friday, March 12, 2004


Drunk... I'm so drunk... drunk drunk drunk drunk... I have to be up at 6:30am.... what was I thinking drinking as much as I did????? TELL ME?!!!!!

I'm going to bed.

I love you all, especially my Nielsy-poo...
How Sad

Mine's so sad compared to most.... :(

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers

Today is National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers
(from the site)
On this day -
Stand up with your abortion services providers and say:
Thank you for your heroism, perserverance, courage, and commitment to women.

A lot's been going on, but I haven't felt like posting. Call it laziness, stress, whatever you see fit. I can't seem to get my thoughts in order.

Will try to gather everything up & update soon.

Friday, March 05, 2004

Friday Five

What was...

1. ...your first grade teacher's name?
Mrs. Shea

2. ...your favorite Saturday morning cartoon?
Tom & Jerry (the ooolddddd ones where they tried killing eachother)

3. ...the name of your very first best friend?
Karen Anderhalt she lived two doors down from me

4. ...your favorite breakfast cereal?
Lucky Charms

5. ...your favorite thing to do after school?
Watch reruns of Hogans Heros & the Monkees

Thursday, March 04, 2004


The new Bush-Cheney reelection ads are out (although Cheney's no where to be seen). Be forwarned, you're gonna wanna vomit after seeing them. So please wait at least an hour after eating before viewing.

Monday, March 01, 2004


The best grocery store in the world, has finaly opened up shop in Virginia. Unfortunately, I don't have a car to shop there. I just hope they open one closer into DC soon!!! You can read about it here. Although, I don't think you'll really understand what a momenteous occation this is unless you grew up in the Buffalo/Rochester area.