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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Simple Joys

Have been a PMS induced funk, on top of going through a "I really miss Niels" phase makes for one sad Miss Mita.

But, there have been some good things going on that have helped me from completely going off the deep end. The wonderful cottn yarn I ordered from Yarn Forward came in yesterday, which makes me very happy, especially since it was on sale.

I love yarn. Yarn is my crack. Wanting to buy yarn is one of the few times I wish I were a better off financially than I am. I'm not poor by any means, but I wish I could buy things (or take a real vacation) without having to worry about money.

Anyways, back to the yarn... my bamboo yarn from purl should be in today. I have no clue what I'm going to make, but it's BAMBOO!!! How cool is that!!

I discovered Natnucet Nectars' Pomegranate Pear juice this morning. Oh my gosh. It's so good. I love pomegranates already, but add some yummy pear juice! MMMM MMM good!!

Keep your fingers crossed that my brother gets out of jury duty so I can go to Buffalo for the weekend. If he get's called, I'll be here, and as much as I love my neighborhood, I need to get away.

Happy Tuesday to you all.

edit 1:31pm
The bamboo yarn came in! It's stunning! I nearly swooned! I'm going to have to buy more in a couple weeks. It's hand dyed so no two look the same! It's stunning. Absolutely stunning!

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Celebrity Sighting

Ok, first off, for being an English major I can't spell for shit. It took me 45 seconds to remember how to spell celebrity and it still doesn't look right.

So, Karen & I were leaving the building to go to CVS (I needed chocolate)and as I was opening the door to leave the building,George Stephanopolis opened the door to come in the building. I was like less than a foot away from him!!! He's really handsome. I of course came back & called my sister, she's had a crush on him for years!!!

Back to work!

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Birthday Weekend

Niels came in for my birthday last wednesday evening. Unfortunately, on friday I woke up to him puking in the bathroom. Lovely start to the weekend, eh? Poor him, he was so sick on friday, the pukes and the poops, with a lovely fever.

By saturday he was a bit better, enough to enjoy the cookout that Chris & Heather had for me. A good time was had by all. It was very low key and the weather was perfect. Not hot not cold, felt more like a September evening than a June one.

Unfortunately, by the end of the party my intestines were not liking me. *sigh* So whatever Niels had was making its way to me.

On sunday I thought I was better, was I wrong. I didn't have the pukes....yet, just not so happy tummy and intestines. By the evening I was feeling a bit better and looking forward to my 1/2 day monday & my lunch & movie date with Niels the next day.

I blame Harry Potter. All of it on that damn kid. Once Niels & I made plans to go see the movie it went all downhill healthwise from there!!

In all seriousness, 'though, even though Niels & I were both sick, it was a good weekend.

Monday, June 07, 2004

Copy Cat

1. Who are you?
2. Have we ever met?
3. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
4. Describe me in one word.
5. What reminds you of me?
6. If you could give me anything, what would it be?
7. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn’t?
8. Are you going to put this on your weblog and see what I say about you?
9. What do you love like a fat kid loves cake?
10. What makes you come back here?

Mom & Dad are in town. They're spending the day with Chris & Heather & then coming to my place for dinner. This evening we're gonna go to Wolf Trap to see Johnny Mathis. I'm wicked excited and yes I expect to be the youngest person at the concert!!

Friday, June 04, 2004

She’s alive!! ALIVE!!!

Yes, I am still alive. I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but honestly, I just haven’t been in the mood. It’s not like things haven’t been going on, I just haven’t felt up to posting.

Call it laziness, call it a funk. Call it whatever….

I spent Memorial Day Weekend in Wheeling, WV visiting Niels and his parents. Niels was sweet enough to come get me Thursday afternoon. After dinner we drove back to his parents’ place. He, unfortunately, ran into bad traffic on the way into DC, but on our way out of the area traffic was great. Because everyone was coming into DC & also because we didn’t leave my place until 8:30ish, we avoided all the rush hour traffic. I’ve never been on the 270 where traffic was so good.

Friday we slept in and after a leisurely morning, Niels, his mom Susan, and I went on a bit of a driving tour of Wheeling. It’s such a pretty town, kind of reminded me of parts of central NY. As we were driving through this really pretty park, the sky opened up and torrents of rain came down. It was raining so hard that we had to park for about 10 minutes waiting for it to calm down a bit.

In the evening we played Risk with his friend Andrew. I had never played before and totally got my ass kicked. Perhaps next time I won’t suck as much.

Saturday evening I had my first experience with role playing, not that kind you pervs. We played a D & D murder mystery with Andrew and another friend of Niels’, John. Unfortunately around midnight I started falling asleep at the table and had to go to bed. I can’t stay up late like I could when I was in my early 20s, I’m just getting to old. LOL

On Sunday, Niels’ parents to us to Pittsburgh for brunch. I can’t remember where we went, but Susan told me that it used to be a train station. It was a stunning building, super high ceilings and beautiful stained glass windows. We sat by the windows and had a great view of Pittsburgh. After brunch we took a drive and stopped at an overpass with an amazing view of Pittsburgh.

The rest of Sunday was very relaxing. Later in the afternoon we took the dogs for a walk and I got a chance to see the neighborhood.

Over all it was a very awesome weekend.

I don’t know if this happens to you but when I have a really great experience I tend to have a post-experience funk and I think that’s what’s going on this week The last time I really remember having it was when I came back from a week in PA doing community service in a rural town. I was so upset that the week had ended that I couldn’t get out of bed for a week. Of course now, I know what it is, back then, I had no clue.

Anyways, happy Friday to you all. Hope you get the chance to do something fun and relaxing this weekend.